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Vermis Rex by WoodZilla200 Vermis Rex by WoodZilla200
Vermis Rex: the Alpha Worm
owner: Boarcroc1994…

Height: (ground to top of beak) 120 meters
Total Length: 200 meters
Weight: 80,000 metric tons
Gender: Hermaphrodite (currently functions as a male)
Combat Styles: Charging
Primary Attacks: Head, Bulk
Secondary Attacks: Biting, Flailing
Primary Weapon: Sticky Vomit
Secondary Weapon: Defensive Spray
Energy Style: Hunger

Overview: Vermis Rex belongs to a species of enormous, burrowing, worm-like creatures. His massive, bloated body is pulled across ground by a combination of two sets limbs. First are the five pairs of paddle-like limbs growing out his sides that "row" through the ground. Helping, are the many caterpillar-like legs lining his underbelly. While sluggish on the surface, underground this Annelid moves like a kaiju-sized locomotive and can leap out of the ground like a humpback whale leaps out of water.

Origin: Throughout the galaxy there is a species called Annelitacens. In addition to their massive sizes, they are known for their burrowing abilities. Some would describe them as swimming through the ground. Similar to elephant seals, they live in breeding groups consisting of many smaller females ruled by one much, much larger male. These bulls are highly temperamental and are very aggressive when protecting their territory. The problem is that a bull Annelitacean's territory covers the range of an entire planet. This is due to the large amount rock and soil just one Annelitacean eats, let alone a whole colony. It is currently unknown exactly how this species is able to colonize new planets, as they have no apparent way of traveling through space. Recently, carcasses of male Annelitaceans have been found on a Earth, more specifically washed up on the shores of Alaska. Studies of the specimens' wounds suggest that they were killed in territorial disputes with a much larger Alpha Bull
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